David's Nursery Freight Policy


Prompt delivery within our normal delivery area of Virginia to Maine can be arranged. Orders placed on Monday can almost always be delivered that same week from mid-March through early-November. Orders placed later in the week can often still be delivered that week or no later than the following week.

Base freight follows depending on your location and applies to deliveries greater than $3000.

  • Full truck load to a single stop ($12,000 to $15,000 depending on plants) is at least 3% less.
  • Minimum order for delivery is $1500. Deliveries of $1500 to $2999 do pay 2.5% more in freight than the rate listed below.       
10.75% Salisbury MD
11.5% Southern DE
13% Northern DE 
14% DC, Baltimore
15% Richmond
15.5% Philadelphia, Southern NJ
16% Central NJ
16.5% Hagerstown MD, York PA, Reading PA, Lancaster PA
17% Northern NJ, Harrisburg PA, Charlottesville VA
17.75% Orangeburg NY, Spring Valley NY, New City NY
18.25% Western Long Island, Yonkers, White Plains
19.25% Central Long Island
19.5% Wilkes-Barre PA
19.75% Western CT
20.75% Eastern Long Island
21.25% Central CT
22.25% Eastern CT
23.5% Pittsburgh
24.5% Rhode Island
25.5% Boston, Cape Cod out to Dennis
26% Massachusetts north of Boston, Cape Cod past Dennis, Albany
26.75% New Hampshire
27.5% Maine


Almost all plant material is delivered on shelved trailers. We use two local independent trucking companies to haul most of the plants we grow. Customers are required to unload their orders. Truck drivers are not employees of David’s Nursery and do not assist in unloading. 

Expected maximum times for trucks to be unloaded:

Full truck load:                       4 hours

Half truck load:                      2 hours                 These times can be easily met with a 5-person unloading crew.

$2,500 order:                        1 hour


We push our trucking companies hard. A truck that is delivering one day will usually be needed to pick up another trailer that night and deliver again the next day. David’s Nursery cannot afford for trucks to be delayed getting unloaded. David’s Nursery will call prior to each delivery to give day and approximate time for delivery. If you foresee any problems with unloading a truck in our expected time, please let us know.