David's Nursery Availability

July 1 2021

  • Special: Pyracantha Mohave #20 Trellis. We are doing them at 50% off. Price is $49.95. Trellis measures 5’ tall x 2’ wide.


  • Current Availability:  Current availability is attached.
    • Plants booked from the current availability must be taken within two weeks.


  • Normal delivery area:  Virginia to Maine is our normal delivery area.  We are delivering throughout this area almost every week from March through early November. 


  • Minimum Order  (within normal delivery area from March through early November):
    • Minimum order for delivery is $1500. ($2750 for NH and $4250 for ME, VT)
    • Minimum order for pickup is $500. 


  • Other delivery areas:  We make infrequent deliveries as far west as Kansas and Michigan and south as far as Georgia.  $5500 is typical minimum to make freight reasonable. 


Contact info:

Dawn Clark (Office Manager)


757-442-7000          757-442-5504 fax

P.O. Box 926, Exmore, VA 23350 (mail)

3339 Mount Hope Road, Exmore, VA 23350

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