David's Nursery Availability

APRIL 12, 2021

  • Spring Orders:  We are shipping.
    • Week of April 12 and April 19. We are scheduling deliveries for those weeks now. Please let us know if you would like a delivery one of those weeks.
    • Later in spring. If you have an idea which week you want delivery, then please let us know and we can plan on that. Week can be changed depending on the weather.
    • Note that all plants booked for early spring must be delivered before the end of April.


  • Current Availability: Current availability is attached.
    • Plants booked from the current availability must be taken before the end of April.
    • We do have a separate late spring (after flush) availability. These plants are typically ready mid to late May. Let us know if you would like a copy of that availability.


  • Normal delivery area:  Virginia to Maine is our normal delivery area. We are delivering throughout this area almost every week from March through early November.


  • Minimum Order  (within normal delivery area from March through early November)
    • Minimum order for delivery is $1500. ($2750 for NH and $4250 for ME, VT)
    • Minimum order for pickup is $500.


  • Other delivery areas: We make infrequent deliveries as far west as Kansas and Michigan and south as far as Georgia. $5500 is typical minimum to make freight reasonable.


Contact info:

Dawn Clark (Office Manager)



757-442-7000         757-442-5504 fax

P.O. Box 926, Exmore, VA 23350 (mail)

3339 Mount Hope Road, Exmore, VA 23350

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